10.4.2020 New EnginFrame Build April 10, 2020 released

The new EnginFrame built offers new features and fixes as per the EnginFrame release notes:

Release 2019.0 (build 1434) - April 10, 2020

  * Fix file download when using HTTP protocol

Release 2019.0 (build 1424) - April 3, 2020

  * Updated Apache Tomcat(R) to version 7.0.100
  * Updated Apache Derby to version
  * Dropped Java7 support

  * Added configuration parameter to limit file upload size (default is 4GB) in the server.conf file
  * Added configuration parameter to set auto-refresh period for list.jobs and list.all.jobs services
    in the ui.hydrogen.conf file
  * Interactive: added configuration parameters for screenshot and logs refresh rate
  * Extended job history to 14 days in job details page for PBS and TORQUE
  * Added Microsoft EDGE support

  * Fix support of file manager subfolders when using EnginFrame WebServices client
  * DCV: Fix usage of DCV commands to be compatible with all the DCV 2017+ versions
  * DCV: Fix dcv create-session command composition to support paths with spaces
  * DCV 2016: Fix update credentials when removing sharing permission from a previously shared session
  * [SGE] Fix pids list retrieval
  * [SLURM] Fix host parsing to correctly map the IDLE+DRAIN state
  * [SLURM] Unset SQUEUE_USERS to avoid jobs filtering during retrieval of all jobs information

  * Miscellaneous security improvements