NICE DCV and EnginFrame are used extensively by engineers and designers in the automotive and aerospace industries, providing access to run powerful distributed simulation applications such as CFD and FEA software from Ansys, Siemens, Open Foam, Abaqus and many other vendors, all from within a web browser. NICE productivity tools are used to handle aerodynamic simulations, structural analysis, NVH simulations, thermal transfer, combustion and simulations for next generation drive trains used in hybrid and electric vehicles.

With EnginFrame, running distributed workloads and managing the associated data is easy, using an intuitive web form to submit workloads to the cluster or the cloud, instead of having to use a complex command line script. Visualisation of the simulation output is made possible with DCV, providing powerful 3D graphics capabilities to display even the most complex 3d models in real time with very low latency and adaptive bandwidth management.

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