NICE EnginFrame is the leading web portal for HPC users, providing simple browser-based access to complex HPC systems and clusters running on-premises, in the public cloud or both. It integrates with all major HPC Schedulers and many HPC applications from leading ISVs to make it easy for engineers, scientists and researchers to submit workloads to an HPC Cluster.


NICE DCV is a powerful 3D remote visualisation protocol that enables powerful 2D and 3D applications to be accessed remotely, on a VDI cluster, in the cloud, a remote visualisation server or a user’s office-based workstation. It provides powerful and secure application streaming with full interactivity and low latency, and is particularly effective when bandwidth is limited.

EnginFrame Views

NICE EnginFrame Views is a management portal that provides simple yet powerful control of VDI sessions running on Windows or Linux remote visualisation clusters. As part of the NICE family of products, it integrates seamlessly with NICE DCV. It also supports other remote visualisation technologies to make it easy to set up and manage a VDI Cluster.