NICE DCV and EnginFrame portal are used extensively by engineers and designers in the EDA industries, providing access to their favorite design tools from Synopsis, Cadence, …, all from within the high-end performant DCV native client or a web browser. NICE productivity tools are used to handle CFD simulations, structural analysis, thermal transfer and simulations for next generation electronic design automation and chip simulations.

High-end NICE DCV Remote Desktops offer great advantages in electronic design automation (EDA) and semiconductor design:

  1. Access to high-performance computing resources: Remote desktops allow designers to access powerful computing resources, such as high-end CPUs and GPUs, which are typically not available on their local machines. This can significantly speed up design simulations and other computationally-intensive tasks.
  2. Collaboration: Remote desktops enable designers to work together on the same design from different locations, which can be particularly useful for geographically dispersed teams.
  3. Flexibility: Remote desktops allow designers to work from anywhere, as long as they have an internet connection. This can be particularly beneficial for companies with employees working remotely or traveling frequently.
  4. Cost savings: Using remote desktops can help companies save on hardware and maintenance costs, as they do not need to purchase and maintain expensive workstations for each designer.
  5. Security: Remote desktop can help to increase security by providing centralized control and management of data and software – also avoiding giving access to the critical data directly to the the engineers.
  6. Scalability: Remote desktop technology allows for easy and quick scalability, as more resources can be added as needed.

Read more about NICE DCV use cases for EDA in public case stories like NICE DCV at LGE or Project Kuiper Uses NICE DCV to Securely, Remotely Access EDA Software for Satellite Development.

For more information about how NI-SP and NICE Remote Desktop software products could help your productivity, please get in touch with us.