NI SP is a leading European and Asian Remote 2D/3D VDI and HPC software distributor, selling and supporting HPC management and productivity software from NICE and is headquartered in Tuebingen, Germany. We provide expert consulting, guidance, and support on Remote 2D/3D VDI and HPC deployment, management, productivity and cloud adoption to resellers and end users to maximise system performance and make Pre-/Post-Processing and HPC easy to use for everyone.

Our consultants have many years of Remote 3D and HPC experience and have worked with a large number of leading customers across the globe in industries such as Automotive, aerospace, Oil & Gas, Life sciences, earth sciences, Research and Academia, media and entertainment, and Electronics Design.

Our expertise covers all aspects of Remote Desktop and HPC usage, management and operations including key HPC software products including User portals, 3D Visualisation, Remote Working, Workload Management and cluster management.