Find the best NICE DCV plan for your business – yearly rental or perpetual licenses:

DescriptionDCV StandardDCV PlusDCV ProfessionalDCV
Professional Plus
Price in USD per concurrent remote desktop
1-Year Rental – includes Maintenance and Support $ 90$ 150$ 300$ 360
Perpetual License$ 150$ 250$ 500$ 600
1-Year Support Contract$ 30$ 50$ 100$ 120
Console Sessions on Windows and Linux
Console session on the graphical console of the remote machine.
One console session on a physical or virtual machine.
yes 45yes 45yes 45yes 45
Virtual Sessions on Linux
Virtual session that runs on the remote machine with no display
hardware and no physical input devices. Multiple virtual sessions can be
concurrently executed on the same Linux machine.
yes 45yes 45yes 45yes 45
Support for Virtualized GPUs
Supports different GPU virtualization technologies including GPU pass-through,
yes 45yes 45yes 45yes 45
Hardware Accelerated H.264 Encoding (NVENC)
Requires NVIDIA GPU on the remote Windows or Linux machine
yes 45yes 45yes 45yes 45
HTML5 DCV Client
Works with Chrome, Firefox, Safari, MS Edge and MSIE 11.
yes 45yes 45yes 45yes 45
Native DCV client
Supported on Windows, macOS and Linux.
yes 45yes 45yes 45yes 45
Includes NICE EnginFrame Views and DCV Session Manager License
One NICE EF Views session management and DCV Session Manager license is included for every DCV remote desktop license.
yes 45yes 45
Hardware Accelerated OpenGL support in Virtual
Sessions on Linux (Linux GPU sharing)

Allows to share a single GPU among multiple virtual sessions on Linux. Requires supported NVIDIA GPU installed on the Linux server.
yes 45yes 45

Yearly subscription pricing includes maintenance and support for one year. Alternatively perpetual licenses never expire and are bought together with first year maintenance and support. Discounts are available for Educational and Governmental customers. Volume discounts on request.

DCV is licensed based on concurrent DCV desktops created and is a floating Reprise License Manager (RLM) based license. Licensing is not related to named users and you can install the DCV server wherever you like and create DCV desktops as needed. 

Any questions let us know. Download the free trial including 30 days trial license.