Comparison of NICE DCV vs. NoMachine

NICE DCV (Desktop Cloud Visualization) is an industry-standard software created by NICE/AWS for high-end performance remote desktop access to 2D and 3D desktops. DCV features benchmark proven high-end remote streaming performance combined with state-of-the-art encryption working in all kinds of markets like Media&Entertainment, Engineering, Manufacturing and Reasearch.

VirtualGL is “an open-source software package that redirects the 3D rendering commands from Unix and Linux OpenGL applications to 3D accelerator hardware in a dedicated server and sends the rendered output to a (thin) client located elsewhere on the network” (Wikipedia).

Here is an overview of advantages of NICE DCV vs. VirtualGL:

NICE DCV offers benchmark-proven high-end remote desktop streaming performance and interactivity for all kinds of users from CAE/CAD, Media & Entertainment, EDA and other domains.

NICE DCV is used in a number of AWS (Amazon Web Services) services like WorkSpaces, AppStream 2.0 and Nimble Studio. AWS is pushing the leading DCV remote desktop performance to be the best on the market with a large team of skilled engineers.

NICE DCV offers compatiblity will all kinds of applications used and does not need a special command to run the applications for remote GL support. The remote desktop can be used with full 3D GL acceleration directly.

On Windows and Linux servers DCV offers high-end remote desktops with very low bandwidth consumption including high interactivity supported by H.264 and other codecs. When nothing happens on the desktop DCV will not send data over the wire which is very efficient compared to other products.

NICE DCV integrates with basically all nVidia GPUs including RTX, Gaming and other cards.

On Linux DCV for 3D offers very efficient GPU-sharing supporting a number of full-performant concurrent 3D Desktops for different users on the same GPU. Additionally, many 2D desktops are supported with DCV on the same Linux server. This is a very common use case in some industries like EDA (Semiconductor Design).

NICE DCV offers high availability and reliability also in difficult network conditions to ensure that users have access to their virtual desktops at all times.

In case installation of a client is difficult NICE DCV supports a performant web browser based client integrating web codecs for best performance as well as a convenient portable client so client software needs to be installed.

DCV uses state-of-the-art pen-tested security standards to ensure data and remote desktops are highly secured in all usage scenarios.

Learn more about additional features NICE DCV offers like different protocols depending on latency situations (TCP, QUIC/UDP), Wacom and stylus support, remote printing, webcam and audio redirection which can be very useful depending on the use case.

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