Sales Terms and Conditions for NICE DCV


  • The customer order of software products (“Licensed Products”) and use of the Licensed Products is governed by
    the NICE End User License Agreement (EULA) for licensees outside of the United States or for United States
    licensees, as applicable, both currently accessible here:
  • The customer will accept the applicable EULA to install the Licensed Products.
  • The customer acknowledges we will deliver the Licensed Products electronically.


  • Any maintenance services provided by NICE will be subject to the terms governing maintenance services
    provided to customer by NI SP Software and NICE.
  • The maintenance services are purchased at least for one year, unless otherwise stated.
  • If customer elects not to renew maintenance services, customer may re-enroll only upon payment of 70% of the
    current annual charge for each lapsed year (or part thereof pro rata), and the customer will be entitled to receive
    the then current version or back-copies of all amendments and any other materials or documents that would
    otherwise have been issued.

NI SP reserves the right to accept or reject any order from customer and refund.