AMI Usage Guide: NICE DCV for CENTOS (GPU with NVIDIA 3D Drivers or without GPU)

This guide assists with using our “CENTOS 7/8 Desktop – NICE DCV for 3D NVIDIA-GPU based graphics instances” or “CENTOS 7/8 Desktop – NICE DCV High-End Remote Desktop (no GPU)” NI SP AMIs from the AWS Marketplace.

Please follow these steps below to use the AMI – in case preferred have a look at our NI SP Linux AMI Walk Through Video:

  • Make sure the instance security groups allow inbound traffic to TCP port 8443 and 22.
  • Configure the instance to have the role to access the license file as per to remove the unlicensed warning
  • Connect to your remote machine with ssh -i centos@<public_ip>
  • Set the password for the user “centos” with sudo passwd centos. This is the password you will use to log in to DCV.
  • 5) Create a DCV virtual session using the command dcv create-session --storage-root %home% session1 including file transfer support, “session1” is the example session name (
  • 6) Connect to your remote machine with the NICE DCV native client entering the public_ip or web client using https://<public_ip>:8443

You can create multiple high-performant Remote 3D Linux desktops with the DCV session creation command as per above. E.g. on the T4 with 16 GB typically 10-12 concurrent Linux 3D desktops can be supported with full 3D performance as long as the number of cores and available memory of the instance are chosen accordingly.

You or your colleague can select the respective session to connect to by appending #session_name to the public_ip in the DCV client or URL in the web client, e.g. https://<public_ip>:8443#session_name.

Here is our Walk Through Video guiding through the Linux AMI installation and usage process:

Please let us know if you have any questions via our contact form. More background on NICE DCV and NICE DCV Tips and Tricks.