NICE EnginFrame – Tips and Tricks

EnginFrame is a very powerful HPC and visualization session management portal. In this section we want to highlight some of the features and configuration options of EnginFrame.

A powerful overview of EnginFrame customization options can be found in the Technology Showcase available from the startpage of EnginFrame as administrator user.

Add a custom location in EnginFrame File Manager

To add a custom file manager location  in “Files” page, proceed as follows:

  1. Identify the plugin you’re using. E.g. applications, views or demo
    You can also check it by looking at the browser url: it is the string immediately following EnginFrame root context (default: /enginframe), e.g. /enginframe/applications
  2. Log into EnginFrame server node
  3. Change directory to EF_ROOT/plugins/applications (or your plugin folder), bin subdirectory
  4. Create a file named fm.browse.ui with the following contents

newFileslabel="Temporary folder"

source "${EF_ROOT}/plugins/ef/conf/ef.xmlns.conf"
source "${EF_ROOT}/plugins/ef/lib/xmlfuncs"

printf '<ef:ui-configure-widget ui="hydrogen" id="fm-browse" %s %s %s>\n' \
        "${EF_XMLNS_ef}" "${EF_XMLNS_hy}" "${EF_XMLNS_efactions}"

vroot=$("${EF_ROOT}/plugins/fm/bin/fm.vroot.create" "${FM_BROWSE_SPOOLER}" 'fm' "file://${newFilesLocation}")

printf '<hy:add-vroot id="%s">\n' "${vroot}"

printf '<hy:label>%s</hy:label>\n' "$(ef_xml_escape_content --input "${newFileslabel}")"

printf '</hy:add-vroot>\n'
printf '</ef:ui-configure-widget>\n'
  1. You can customize the first 2 parameters, the new filesystem location and the associated label in Files page 
  2. Give fm.browse.ui executable permissions

Some content is inspired by NICE Support articles.