11.10.2019 New ANSYS Study: Moving Simulation to The Cloud and Best Practices

ANSYS publishes a very interesting “Simulation User Survey Talks Moving to The Cloud and Best Practices” Study analyzing present usage of HPC in the cloud for engineering and outlook.

Here are is the overview of top engineering benefits for simulation cloud adoption from the study:

Respondents note the top engineering benefits for simulation cloud adoption. Moving to the Cloud, Cloud Adoption, cloud best practices

They continue:

In fact, the top three reasons why simulation-enabled companies are moving to the cloud are:

The ability to scale up quickly (49% of respondents)

The lower overall costs (40% of respondents)

The lower maintenance costs (33% of respondents)

When it comes to engineering benefits, respondents say that the top three reasons companies pursue cloud adoption are:

Accelerating product development

Improving productivity

Accelerating innovation

Considering the reasons companies are adopting the cloud, any firm lagging behind the competition should start to implement some fundamental cloud best practices and adoption procedures.

NICE DCV provides the perfect platform for immediate post- and pre-processing in the cloud. Read more here and download the full survey for free.