11.11.2022 NICE Releases DCV 2022.2 Including New Features

Today the NICE team released the new version DCV 2022.2. The NICE DCV release contains the following new features among other enhancements:

  • Monitor selection for Windows client – users can now choose which local displays should be used for a full-screen remote session to a Windows host.
  • Support for Retina displays – improves user experience when using the DCV client for macOS operating system with high pixel density Retina displays.
  • Printer redirection for DCV client on macOS and Linux – allows customers to use printers configured on their client devices.
  • Time zone redirection – users can now configure sessions on Windows hosts to use the client’s local time zone.
  • NICE DCV Web Client SDK and Web UI SDK – upgraded to Cloudscape Design System, to improve user experience.
  • NICE DCV Connection Gateway – the Gateway now exposes new metrics administrators can use to monitor gateway instances.
  • Added a GNOME-Shell extension for Ubuntu 22.04 to support single sign on for console sessions.
  • Added VAAPI based encoder on AMD GPUs when using the open source drivers.

For more information, please see the NICE DCV 2022.2 release notes. Any questions let us know.