We are very happy to see the NICE DCV case story at Volkswagen.

NI SP has worked with Volkswagen over the last years to leverage the potential of NICE DCV for remote 3D Linux desktop users with high-end demand for CAE delivered by NICE DCV:

“More than 1,000 automotive engineers in the Volkswagen Passenger Cars division rely on multiple computer-aided engineering (CAE) applications, running on high-end Linux workstations, for use in crash safety and noise vibration harshness simulations. “Our engineers need computers with strong performance to do their work effectively,” says Gunther Mayer, IT specialist for research and development at Volkswagen Passenger Cars. For example, engineers create large simulations that show the noise created by air flowing over cars. These simulations often contain a terabyte of data. “For many years, supporting simulations that large was only possible sitting in front of high-end graphics workstations in our offices,” says Mayer.

The car moves at great speed at the night.

Our automotive engineers can reliably access their high-end Linux workstations and complete 3D simulations from home or other remote locations using NICE DCV.”

Gunther Mayer
IT Specialist, R&D, Volkswagen Passenger Cars

Read the full story: Volkswagen Passenger Cars Uses NICE DCV for High-Performance 3D Remote Visualization

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