15.3.2021 NICE DCV Remote 3D on AWS – NI SP DCV AMI to High-End Remote 3D Application Performance Walk-Through

Our first NICE DCV Walk-Through Guide is ready. The guide walks you through deployment of an AWS EC2 instance with a NI SP AMI providing a ready-to-go high-end Nice DCV Remote 3D Desktop in the cloud.

Here you can find readily available AMIs including NICE DCV pre-installed:

In case you want to jump to a chapter in the guide:

  • 00:00​ – NICE DCV Introduction
  • 02:25​ – How to launch the NI SP DCV AMI on AWS
  • 10:14​ – Connect to the DCV Desktop on the AWS Instance
  • 14:58​ – Installation of a sample 3D application into the DCV AWS Instance
  • 17:04​ – DCV GPU sharing with multiple high-performance 3D Linux Desktops, desktop resizing, collaboration

Please let us know if you have any questions via our contact form. More background on NICE DCV and NICE DCV Tips and Tricks.