23.12.2020 Click-to-Photon – Measure precise timings between mouse click to screen update

Working with remote desktops and especially Remote 3D Desktop VDI involving NICE DCV low latencies are very important to optimize the user experience. Streaming large screens with 3D applications partially involves high amount of data transferred over the network which should arrive at the users remote screen as fast as possible.

As part of our work optimizing the Remote 3D Desktop experience we have created a Click-to-Photon (CTP) device measuring the delay between the mouse click to the update on the local physical screen in the range of 10s of microseconds.

Here is a sample chart from our analysis showing the relative brightness after the mouse click measured in microseconds for a NICE DCV Remote 3D connection:

Head over to our Click-to-Photon (CTP) overview for more details.