29.4.2021 NICE DCV PMs Deep Dive on the new NICE DCV 2021.0 version

In the latest release of the AWS HPC Tech Shorts Brendan walks through the new features of the NICE DCV 2021.0 version together with the NICE DCV product managers Rey and Paolo. They demonstrate remote webcams and printers, QUIC/UDP improvements and many other new highlights.

In addition they announce that the new Amazon Nimble Studio offering is powered by NICE DCV as well in addition to e.g. already AWS Appstream 2.0 and Robomaker:

In case you want to learn more about building digital content with NICE DCV in the cloud – here is a Walk-Through: Amazon Nimble Studio – Build a Creative Studio in the Cloud and the “What is Amazon Nimble Studio?” backgound video:

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