NI SP – Consulting for Remote 3D VDI and HPC

Consulting for Remote Desktops and HPC

NI SP offers experienced professional consulting for Remote 3D and HPC creating custom high-performant solutions enable engineers and researchers to efficiently focus on their jobs. With Remote 3D desktops and applications data stays safe in the data center or cloud as no data is stored on the local machine of the user. The data can be processed immediately and the typically Gigabytes of data do not need to be downloaded to the local machine. In addition the end user typically has a better performant GPU than locally.

Based on many years working in the field of Remote 3D VDI and HPC for CAE, CAD, O&G, HCLS, … we together with our partners apply the best practices to integrate user 3D desktops and HPC schedulers like UGE®, SLURM® (see also our Automatic SLURM Build and Installation script), LSF®, … into an homogeneous working environment with full control for the administrator.

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