1.9.2021 – NICE DCV releases new version 2021.2 with a Number of New Features and Improvements

The new NICE DCV 2021.2 release includes following new features and improvements among others:

  • Web client clipboard improvements. Customers can now copy and paste PNG images using the NICE DCV web client on Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge.
  • Option to prevent screenshots on Windows and macOS native clients. This feature supports security by preventing users from taking screenshots of their NICE DCV session content. When enabled, any screenshots a user captures will show only a black screen.
  • Streaming quality improvements. Deliver a more fluid “build-to-lossless” experience when using the QUIC protocol.
  • Add an option (certificate-validation-policy) to specify the behavior of native clients when the server presents an untrusted X.509 certificate, such as a self-signed certificate.
  • You can now change the number of channels configured in the Audio Driver at run time.
  • Add the option Pressure2K to the dcvinput Xorg module. This changes the pressure sensitivity range of the stylus from 0-65335 to 0-2048, for compatibility with certain applications
  • Add support for the experimental WebCodecs API on Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. When this API is enabled in the browser, the NICE DCV web client can use it to accelerate video decoding and deliver higher frame rates.
  • The NICE DCV web client is now a separate package on Linux and an optional component in the Windows installer. This allows you to decide whether to deploy the web client.
  • Added support for the H.264 High Profile when using the NVENC encoder. Using NVENC encoder with NVIDIA GPUs reduces bandwidth usage at the same image quality.
  • NICE DCV server will now leverage all GPUs for compression on machines with more than one GPU.
  • All Windows drivers shipped with NICE DCV are now WHQL certified.

Read the full update at DCV 2021.2-11042 Release Notes – September 01, 2021.