10.3.2021 Netflix uses NICE DCV for their Artists Remote Workstations

UPDATE – Here is the full case story how Netflix uses NICE DCV: Netflix Uses NICE DCV on AWS to Build VFX Studio in the Cloud for Artists Globally.

From the Netflix article about their Remote Workstations for the Discerning Artists use case story provisioning media workload workstations in AWS:

“Netflix Workstations are remote workstations that allow content creators to get to work wherever they are. As an engineer, I can work anywhere with a standard laptop as long as I have an IDE and access to Stack Overflow. However, the artists creating stunning visual effects and animations for Netflix Originals need more than that. They need specialized hardware, access to petabytes of images, and digital content creation applications with controlled licenses.”

Here is a screencast of their remote workstation experience created with NICE DCV for best remote 3D performance on AWS:

Image for post

Looking Ahead – We’ve made it easier for artists to create content remotely. However, we are only at the beginning of creating on-demand, secure, self-service remote workstations. We are looking to the future where Netflix Workstations are a platform for technical artists to make their own configurations. Where we can gather and analyze the usage data to create efficiencies and automation. Where an artist anywhere in the world can focus on their art and not on their commute.”

You can try NICE DCV for free for your media creation high-end remote workstation in the cloud or on-premises – contact us for more background!