NICE EnginFrame – HPC Portal

EnginFrame HPC is an advanced HPC Portal for the technical computing domain, with a proven track record of successful production deployments within corporate networks and research environments.

EnginFrame enables efficient Inter-/Intranet access to HPC-enabled infrastructures. HPC clusters, data, licenses, batch & interactive applications can be accessed by any client using a standard browser. EnginFrame supports all common HPC schedulers like SLURM (see also our Automatic SLURM Build and Installation script), SGE and its derivatives, LSF, PBS Pro, Torque, …

The open and highly customizable framework of EnginFrame facilitates deployment of user-friendly, application- and data-oriented portals satisfying all kinds of needs of HPC users and administrators.

With EnginFrame HPC users and administrators can easily submit and control HPC applications, as well as monitor workload, data, licenses from within the same user dashboard, hiding the heterogeneity and complexity of the native interfaces.

Free Trial

You can also download EnginFrame from this download page. We are happy to provide a free trial license which you can request via our contact form.